It's Good For The Economy

No Scientists? No Problem

To Be Strong (if not free)

Towards a Greener Canada

Responsive as always to the Canadian people,
the Conservatives proudly announce a new
environmental program!

THE HARPER INDEX - Masters of Economics

Masters of Economics? Do the Conservative's cranky core supporters
share their leaders' aversion to facts? How else can one explain their
belief that the Harper group are Canada's best economic managers?

Budget surpluses under Liberal governments
of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin: 11 (consecutive)

Budget surplus inherited by the Harper government
in 2006: $13 billion

Budget surplus on hand prior to 2008 recession: $0

Budget surpluses realized by the Harper government to date: 0

Deficit budgets of the Harper government: 7 (consecutive)

Size of Canada's national debt inherited by the Conservatives
in 2006: $481 billion dollars

Current size of Canada's national debt: $680 billion dollars

Growth of the national debt under the Harper government: 30%

Current growth rate of Canada's national debt per day: $74.6 million

Current growth rate of Canada's national debt per second: $863

We Are Committed To ... uh, what was it?
Oh... The Environment. Right

Meanwhile, in Parliament...


... from your elected job
at the House of Commons
in session.

Don't you care at all?


"... not more than one further sitting day shall be allotted!"

.. that's how often the Conservatives shut down debates since the 2011 election. That's 25 times a year, on average.

In the last 8 months,  Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan has already cut off debates 14 times.

Compare that to the three decades BS (that's Before Steve), when fewer than 4 debates were shut down a year, on average.

Conservatives don't play well with others, do they?

Find more baffling and fascinating Conservative misdemeanors at Press Progress.


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